A warm welcome

to the Britzer Garden,
created for the National Horticultural Show in 1985.

The 90-hectare Britzer Garden offers garden art, gastronomy, concerts, events, sports and health facilities, animals and a museum railway – above all, however, it offers beautifully manicured gardens and pristine nature.

In 2002 it was voted one of Germany’s ten most beautiful gardens. 

The start of the season is marked each year by the opening of the spring trail, an approximately two-kilometre route lined with glorious blooming daffodils, crocuses, tulips, grape hyacinths and many other bulbs and spring flowers. 

From mid-April (depending on the weather) tulips bloom at the special show "Tulips in the Britzer Garden." Hundreds of thousands of magnificent tulips in a multitude of colours and shapes remain in full bloom until the end of April/beginning of May. In June and September the Rose Garden is a major attraction with hundreds of bed, shrub and climbing roses edged with neatly clipped box hedges. The accompanying murmur of the water features makes a visit a wonderfully soothing experience.

Dahlias really come into their own in late summer and autumn. The “Major Dahlia Show“ takes place yearly in the Britzer Garden at the end of August/beginning of September and features over 10,000 dahlias in 200 varieties. A highlight of the many events staged in the park is the “Fire Flowers and Classic Open Air“ classical concert, which features a major firework display; this regularly attracts over 12,000 visitors.

Other popular events include the Summer Solstice Festival, the Flight, Air and Dragon Festival and the summertime Sunday concert series on the Fairground Stage.

Britzer Garten Impressionen